The world's first insulated, threadless growler that gives back!


With your help, 1,719 backers preordered the MiiR Growler totaling $125,018.

Preorder now from $59. Limited quantities.

Shipping mid September 2014

2nd batch sold out. Next batch shipping mid September.

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MiiR growlers feature our double wall vacuum insulation technology which keeps your cold liquids chilled for 24+ hours or your hot things hot for 12 hours.


We have stripped away all threads normally required to close a vessel by designing an innovative clamp system that prevents leaks and nasty gunk found on threaded growler closures from beer residue.

Gives back

We believe in the simple idea of building amazing products that give back. We call it the Growler for Good as each MiiR growler provides one person with clean drinking water. We will even prove to you the impact of your purchase as each growler comes with a unique tracking braclet that has a printed ID number.


You can register this number on our website and in 6-18 months we will prove to you the exact water project you helped fund; complete

Premium stainless steel

We source the highest quality from Korea. Why? Because it's the best. Beer is also birthed in stainless steel, so stainless growlers are a natural.


  • Guaranteed not to leak

    Unlike other stainless growlers in the marketplace we can guarantee our growler will not leak with carbonated beverages.

  • BPA free

    The PP#5 lid and food grade silicone seal are both BPA free.

  • SS cap

    Our BPA free polypropylene #5 is beautifully wrapped with durable stainless steel.

  • Hardshell technology

    Our colored growlers are wrapped in a bomb proof powder coat

  • Lifetime warranty

    Our products at MiiR are made for good. Whether that's helping those in need or backing our products for life.

  • Patent pending

    Nobody patents mediocrity.

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